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Welcome to Prieto Services

Your best cleaning option

Cleaning Services

 Move out/ in cleaning is easy to neglect.

Prieto services offers flexible move out and move in cleaning services to ease the transition.

Whether you need the entire houses cleaned.

Services includes:

  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Vacuum and sweep all floors.
  • Scrub shower and bathtub
  • Scrub toilets
  • Clean kitchen 
  • Dust everything 
  • Clean sinks and  counter tops 
  • Cabinets inside and outside.

Prieto services will take care of the move out / in cleaning so you can be ready to move.

Feel free to contact us to discuss more details or your move in and move out cleaning.

No contracts.

Prieto services design different service packages based on yours specific preferences. We can adapt to your schedule in case you decide to increase or decrease the frequency or our services.

We can customize your cleaning  plan:

  • Once a week: this is a popular solution for a busy homes.
  • Every other week: best for help with general upkeep.
  • Once a month: cleaning just when you need it.

Depending on how much activity your homes sees, our weekly and bi weekly services may be the best solution for you.


Commercial cleaning services

Our team will leave you feeling comfortable in and proud of your space.

Services include:

  • vacuum: all floors in every room, including stairs, carpeted rooms, hardwood floors, linoleum, and tile rooms.
  • Dust: we dust each surface. This include pictures frames, lights fixtures, fan blades, windows sills, blinds and more.

We will remove cobwebs in ceiling corners.

  • Mop: we mop hardwood floors, tile and linoleum.
  • Sanitize: we sanitize high- use areas such as toilets, kitchen counter tops and door knobs.
  • Final touches: we empty all trash cans, straighten chairs and area rugs

Prieto services offer a good cleaning services as deep cleaning. If you feel your home dirty you are think that you house need more than a basic clean. The deep cleaning is the best option for you to be happy and feel relax enjoying at home.

This services include:

  • Dust we dust everything of your home to reduce allergens.

This include mantles, pictures, lights fixtures, fan blades, windows sills, blinds, entertainment centers, dressers, side tables, and more.

We’ll remove cobwebs in ceiling corners and ensure no dust are left behind

  • Vacuum: we vacuum all floors in every room.

This include stairs, we’ll remove furniture cushion, all furniture that we can move, pet hair remove and dust.

  • Mop: we mop all floors as hardwood, tiles and linoleum.

We sanitize porcelain floors with our special steam vacuum.

We use shine for hardwood floors if the customers prefer.

  • Wipe down: we wipe down and scrub bathrooms faucets, sinks basins, mirrors, vanities, counter tops, and the surrounding areas.

In the kitchen we wipe down the stove top, cabinets outside, counter tops, and back splashes.

We clean  the microwave outside and inside cleaning the grease and food splatters

Prieto services can be added to your regular cleaning : deep cleaning plan including oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, and changing of your bed linens, garage cleaning, windows cleaning ( inside).

We recommend you to contacting us to give you more details and prices for every extra cleaning.

Prieto services is your best choice for your happy place.

Our services is designed to you budget and schedule,

We work closely with the homeowners, rental property owner, etc.

  • Maid services you can trust
  • Equipment provided
  • Supplies
  • No contracts
  • Fully insured
  • Trusted and experienced

How much will the services cost?

The cost of your house cleaning depends on a numbers of variables, including the numbers of rooms , square footage and type of services you choose. 

  For the most accurate cleaning  estimate, we need to know more about your house cleaning needs and  if is possible we can make an appointment to see the house.

Contact Prieto Services for a free estimate 

Other cleaning options

We have multiple options for cleaning services, please contact us by email, our online chat or by phone to give you the right option at the best price.


We have the best options for commercial cleaning services


We have the best cleaning service options for your home and everyone around you.


The place where you or your collaborators work should always be a clean one, that's why we have the best cleaning option.

Prieto's Service

“For over 10 years customers have welcomed the trusted cleaning professionals from Prieto Services LLC into their homes.

We are a family company where we give confidence and trust to our customers to let us into their home and place of business.

Our goal is to make the customer feel happy, safety and satisfied with our work.

Always We’ll show them honesty and a professional results of our work”


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